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Times are changing - and times have changed. Just about all of us now know the kind of impact a disease can have on our society. COVID-19 caused an earthquake in many facets of our daily lives. Amid the safety concerns and government regulations, businesses have been hit hard.

The good news is that after these situational earthquakes hit, we can continue to rebuild and prepare for what our new future looks like. At Social Safety Products, our mission is to provide your business with everything you need to protect your customers and employees with truly affordable and safe social safety screen products for situations where social distancing spacing is unavoidable. Social Distancing is not your only option, and in fact, Social Safety Screens might be even a safer solution in some areas of your business or planned event.

We specialize in affordable professional quality safety products for your business – protecting your employees and customers. We have developed a complete line of partitions, divider walls, sneeze guards and safety screens for almost any setting. Our unique social safety products use only the highest quality corrosion resistant tubular steel frame components in combination with clear plexiglass, or frame tensioned colored or transparent vinyl to create innovative lightweight safety solutions for your business that can be easily washed or sanitized as needed.