Going forward, it’ll be vital that we all adapt to the social safety procedures and precautions. The safety of your employees and customers is our priority. Social safety products will not only be necessary for getting back to business, but staying in business. 

We offer an economical alternative to plexiglass sneeze guards that can be beneficial for a variety of businesses. With our Social Safety dividers and products, you can count on high quality products at an affordable price!

Get started today with partitioners and dividers starting at $89

We offer a variety of sizes of panels made out of clear vinyl or colored water resistant nylon that help create a protective barrier that will protect your employees and patrons when in an enclosed area. 

Our portable designs are easy to assemble! Most panels can be set up in under 10 minutes! With our unique frame, we offer you two ways to set up your barrier; either horizontal or vertical, allowing you to customize your protective barrier to fit your specific needs.

Social Safety Products for Restaurants

Maintaining cleanliness in the restaurant workplace is and always has been paramount. The recent coronavirus outbreak has only heightened that importance. Social safety products such as sneeze guards, partitions, divider walls, etc. not only ensure the cleanliness and safety of the food you prepare and serve, but also the safety and general well-being of our communities. Diseases shouldn’t stop us from doing what we love or enjoying the foods we love.

Our social distancing divider walls are ideal for separating the space between booths and tables! Keep the same amount of space available for your patrons while offering that extra level of separation and privacy.

Social Safety Products for Retirement Homes

We all hold Grandparents dear in our hearts, though we should probably visit them more often. The demographic of retirement home residents are at a particular higher risk to disease. The extra precautions and measures that have been put into place during the current COVID-19 pandemic may continue to become the norm once this virus passes.

Our social distancing partitions and divider walls not only help to protect individual residents, but can also maintain healthy barriers between visitors, staff, and residents, all while providing your loved ones with privacy.